What if education was more accessible?

There are multiple ways to raise the standard of living, but the quickest and easiest is education.

Equality Initiative aimed to provide education in the most accessible way possible. We sent teachers to students. We provided education literally at their doorstep.

The people have a lot to take care of, and education isn’t their top priority. But we realize the importance of it. We provided short, 2-hour classes. We only taught 3 subjects: English, Math, and a local language.

You don’t have to completely change someone’s life, or touch thousands of lives. Even if you change just one person’s life, it has an impact. When a child learns to read and write his name. When a rag picker in the suburbs of New Delhi can now work at a decent shop and provide a decent wage to their family. It’s those examples, those people, that motivated us at Equality Initiative to do what we did.

Watch this video to learn more.